Episode #28: The sponsors, all the sponsors, nothing but the sponsors

Status Quo Radio will be back from our holiday hiatus next week with our regularly scheduled programming… 

But for now, please enjoy a very special “sponsors only” episode containing all of 2017’s best sponsors!

As you know, sponsors are the lifeblood of any podcast, so when you listen to this, you’ll immediately understand that we’re simply rolling in cash at the moment, like weird, chubby Scrooge McDucks.

It’s Status Quo Radio, baby! Available on iTunes and wherever podcasts are sold. 

Enjoy our compilation, and see you next week!



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Episode #27: The Secret Sauce (With Tellman Knudson)

This week on Status Quo Radio Vin and Erik talk about building a business around your passions…

And who better to share this topic than serial entrepreneur and master marketer Tellman Knudson.

Tellman is a self-confessed “weird dude” who’s interests (and businesses) have ranged from hypnosis to comic books, barefoot running, and now…

Hot Peppers.

Strap into your chair with a glass of water and maybe some frozen toilet paper, because this episode is on fire! Literally.

It’s Status Quo Radio, with new episodes available every Wednesday on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and wherever crappy podcasts are sold!


Episode #25: Rollo The Reindeer (and other holiday marketing stories)

Ever heard of Rollo The Red-Nosed Reindeer?

This week on Status Quo Radio, Vin and Erik talk storytelling, and how it’s used in holiday marketing. We dig in to specific story types and plot formulas and share how to effectively use them this time of year.

Vin shares his favorite holiday marketing story, and we wax poetic for a couple of minutes about Flat-Earthers and other friends and family members that you thought you loved and respected.

Join us for a new episode of Status Quo Radio!

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Episode #24: A Steaming Plate Full

This week on Status Quo Radio, Vin and Erik dig into America’s favorite holiday…

Or at least our favorite holiday involving turkey, football, and hanging out with relatives you may or may not actually like 🙂

That’s right… It’s Thanksgiving!

In this episode we share a steaming plate full of our thoughts on what Thanksgiving means to us. We also share some marketing wisdom on Black Friday, offering discounts, marketing during the holidays, and being thankful.

Thanks for listening to Status Quo Radio, and have a great holiday!

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Episode #23: The Art of the Apology

There’s been lots of celebrities (and companies) making public apologies lately… Some have done it right, and others have botched the entire operation. 

This week, Vin and Erik take a look at how to handle an apology and also how to address damaging admissions in your marketing. 

How do you apologize well? HINT: It involves actually apologizing (Sorry Louis C.K.) and no, it doesn’t involve coming out as gay (we’re looking at you, Kevin Spacey)

This week on Status Quo Radio: The Art of the Apology. 

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Episode #22: Politically Correct Marketing?

Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. And now, apparently, a global culture of men who have abused, objectified, and taken advantage of women.

It’s a tough topic to talk about, for sure… A topic that lots of people have strong opinions and sometimes real pain around.

How about gun control? Or gender, race, or politics?

This week Vin and Erik talk about how to navigate these minefields…

And how to deal with general political correctness in your marketing.

Some try it with humor… Have you?

Can you even (God forbid) try to laugh about such things? We have definitive answers that just might go against everything you’ve ever been told about marketing.

Erik also shares the story of how he offended one of Vin’s friends just last week with a poorly timed joke about race.

Click the link below to tune in to this weeks episode, and make sure to let us know what you think!


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Episode #21: Halloween Pranks, Skanks, And Tom Hanks

That’s right, Status Quo Radio is live this week with our first annual Halloween Spooktacular!

Actually… the show isn’t scary at all. So scrap that. Maybe we should just call it our Halloween Special?

Actually, it’s not really that special either. 

Whatever. No matter how you cut it, this week our show is about that special night of candy, costumes, and devil worship.

Now that both Vin and Erik have grown-up a little, Halloween has changed from an exciting evening of adventure, to something entirely different…

But some things never change! Like the magic of a great costume or a great Halloween special. I’m looking at you, Charlie Brown 🙂

Catch the latest episode of Status Quo Radio right here, and if you have suggestions for next week’s topic, let us know!


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Episode #21: Talkshow Hosts, Bitcoin Roasts

This week on Status Quo Radio we tackle a topic that seems to be on everyone’s lips these days…


Is it a currency? Is it an investment? Is it complete bullshit?

Tune in to find out! 

And if you actually work with bitcoin and know how to explain what it is in a way anyone can understand (and one that doesn’t put us to sleep) make sure to let us know… 

We would love to interview you for a follow up episode! 

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