Episode #10: Relationships.

In this episode, we break format a little bit and talk one main topic: Relationships.

Vin and Erik both travel back through time and tell the stories of how they met their partners, Maria and Wendy. You probably won’t be surprised to discover that blind dates and online dating are involved.

You will however be surprised to find out that both the guys wildly exceeded expectations by marrying beautiful, talented women. How have these relationships lasted so long? What’s the secret? And who is our mystery guest sponsor this week?

It’s Status Quo Radio!

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Episode #9: Back Pain, Bad Diarrhea, And A Genital Rash

Welcome back to Status Quo Radio, your weekly dose of worthless information delivered by way too many sponsors to count.

This week we talk over the top of our new intro, which plays for way too long and is way too loud. It’s hard to listen to, and we’re pretty excited about that. We also chat about all sorts of ailments and problems, and share a new segment that has all 7 of our subscribers absolutely raving.

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Episode #8: The Interrupting Intro?

It’s Status Quo radio, baby!

In this week’s episode, we unveil our new podcast intro, and it should bring you right back to the good old days when you smoked pot behind the shop building and listened to bad rock and roll. We also highlight several new sponsors, and talk about GOOKY the racist dog.

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Episode #7: The Fourth Of July, Reality Shows, and Rehab

This week, Vin and Erik spend the entire show debating when exactly the podcast was recorded, and how that decision affects what exactly happened (or will happen) over the holiday break. Did we or will we see amazing firework shows? Did we or will we get injured or drunk or arrested? Tune in to find out!

We talk about reality shows and rehab, and in a very special edition of “Well, that’s bull$*it!” segment, we manage to offend an entire country…

Happy 4th of July!

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Episode #6: Bone broth, Nitro Games, and a crapload of sponsors

In this episode Vin and Erik welcome a whole slew of new sponsors, making SQR the MOST SPONSORED podcast on the face of the planet.

You’ll also learn how to buy a bone, how to create inappropriate marketing, and why guys named Todd can go straight to hell.

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Episode #5: Closed Captioning, Afternoon Rain, And Coconut Kitty Litter

Okay… We keep saying it, but this time we mean it: Erik and Vin have found their groove.

We’ve got new segments, including “Stolen Joke of the Week” and “What Are You Watching” plus a bunch of other stuff that’s probably going to change your life forever.

We also dig deep and reveal things that we both think are complete BULL$*1T…

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Episode #4: Redbull, Racism and Miami Vice

This week the guys are really trying to drill down what this show is going to be. We have segments for a change. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them… and our new sponsors.

Join the boys as they take a trip down memory lane with talk on everything BUT the topics everyone else is dealing with. Forget politics… forget terrorism… forget even the economy. Vin and Erik slice and dice the things that only they care about. Themselves… their lives… and their loves.

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